Choose from one of 3 participation levels: FREE Referring Affiliate, Business Builder, or as an Affiliate Owner.

Level ONE - Referring Affiliate.
  • No cost – EVER! No requirements! Earn at your own pace.
  • Get a FREE unique referral link (link NEVER expires!) and share it with everyone who has printing needs. Every time someone uses YOUR unique referral link, you’ll be paid a 10% commission!
  • Included is state-of-the-art back office including on and offline marketing tools, link tracking & reports in real time.
  • Earn one level of commissions when your referral link is used.
  • Commissions are paid weekly (if less than $25, it rolls over to next week).
  • You also earn the same 10% commission on ALL of your own orders!
  • All Customers using your referral link are yours forever, and you earn every time they order, That's TRUE RESIDUAL INCOME!!!

Level TWO - Business Builder.
  • Instead of earning on only your own efforts, refer others to the program and earn commissions on up to FIVE levels of online retail sales!
  • Earn 10% commission on retail orders when your referral link is used, PLUS on all re-orders,whether your referral link is used again or not!
  • Earn a 3% override on your level 1, 2% on level 2, and 1% on levels 3, 4 and 5. Earn residual income on ALL re-orders! Customers are linked to you FOR LIFE when they use your referral link just one time!
  • Starter Kit includes: 500 custom business cards and 500 postcards printed with your unique referral link and contact information.
  • Commissions paid weekly (less than $25 rolls over to next week).
  • Earn $50 on personally referred Business Builders (BB's), plus $10 on all 2nd level BB’s, and $10 on all 3rd level BB’s – UNLIMITED WIDTH!
  • NO LIMIT to the number of affiliates you can refer, and with just three (3) personally referred Business Builders, your initial cost of this level is covered!

Level THREE - Affiliate Owner.(By Invitation Only)
  • Own a membership interest in one of our retail Brick-n-Mortar real world Business Centers, which will be strategically placed throughout the country to provide printing, marketing,postal, and other business services to the local community.
  • Earn 1% of the net profit of your store(s) per unit owned – PAID MONTHLY.
  • Earn a percentage of our Nationwide Online Sales bonus pool.
  • Must be an active participant in the Business Builder program to be invited to this level.
  • Only 49 Affiliate Owner spots are available per retail store location (you may own as many units in as many locations as you like).
  • Upon full payment at this level, you are an official Affiliate Owner, and you have a secured interest in the retail store's assets.
  • Payment plans are available. Start earning on your membership interest when your Membership Certificate is issued.

Postcard Affiliates

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